Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Vacation for eBay Store

So much as happened since my last post.   I am back to work in a full-time position at a local high school, I work with children that have learning disabilities. It's a  position that I really enjoy and look forward to going to work every day. My day is split up, with the first half working with children that are on the lower learning spectrum. The second half of the day I work with children  Who have emotional behavior disorders.

 My eBay business has really been put on the back burner because of this new job. I recently put my store on vacation until the first of the year so I could at least enjoy my two weeks off during Christmas break from school.  I have purged  many items from my store that have been listed for over two years. I'm all about the list it and forget it concept, but right now I just needed to clean out a lot of items that I was just tired of looking at.

 I have not listed consistently in my eBay store for probably three months. In fact I don't know if I will keep my store open after the first of the year. Maybe with some time off and not having to have the stress of packing items up and getting them to the post office in a timely matter  I will change my mind. I always have more fun shopping and sourcing for items that I actually do packing them up. Packing  is such a chore!

 This is just a brief note to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! . I will check back in after Christmas.


  1. Lisa, what a timely post for me. I just spent 4 hours with papers strewn across the kitchen table, tallying up all my ebay and etsy sales and expenses since June. I'm getting ready for tax time during my Christmas break. The final numbers were very disappointing as I only show a profit of $850 for the year. Certainly not worth all the effort it takes to get items photographed, listed and shipped. My stores are closed now and I'm considering keeping them that way for 2016. Like you said the fun part is shopping, but even that is getting harder for me as the weekends are my precious time off and I hate to spend hours running around sourcing on Saturdays when I have other things to do. I'm totally rethinking whether or not I want to do this anymore. I sure would like to turn my office into a nice cozy "she room."

    1. Lorraine, I LOVE the idea of a "she-room"!!! I would love a room that I can call my own! We need to do it.

  2. Love your blog!!! Thanks for sharing... I just started a youtube channel myself about what I have recently sold on ebay for $20 or more. I hope you'll check it out!

    Thanks again!
    ~Becky (Dorky Thrifters)